Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nicki Minaj Yellow and Black Tights.... Where Can I Find Nicki Minaj Yellow and Black Striped Catsuits

Nicki Minaj Yellow and Black Catsuit In Demand photo credit: Nicki Minaj Catsuits

Where can I find Nicki Minaj's black and yellow tights?- The question at hand. Recently I have received a lot of inquiries about Nicki Minaj's yellow and black catsuit captured above. Now,I have not had luck find that exact suit, however, I did find several products that I think would work in accomplishing Nicki's yellow and black stripped catsuit look. Check out this NawtyFox Yellow Black Striped Bruce Lee Game of Death Jumpsuit,Bodysuit,Unitard Costume XL

 This one is cute, and if worn right it can definitely help you mimick Nicki's black and yellow catsuit look. I have also managed to find a pair of the cutest tights, check out these as well as these tights Allegra K Ladies Elastic Waist Mesh Front Leggings Black Yellow XS. Any of these items will work great in recreating Nicki Minaj's Yellow and Black Catsuit look. What Nicki Minaj costume would you like recreated?

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