Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get Nicki Minaj's Most Sought After Wigs Now

Nicki Minaj rocks a blond Multicolor Wig
Great news Barbs i've managed to find some of Nicki Minaj's most sought after wigs, at some great prices. Nicki looked fly when she arrived with a blond based muliticolor wig on to greet fans on the set of American Idol last year. I have managed find the Carnival Wig (Multi) wig, and it's pricing was pretty cheap too.

Nicki Minaj rocks her famous two toned Blond and Blue Wig
I absolutely loved Nicki Minaj's Blue and Blonde Two Tone Nicki Minaj Wig Costume Accessory. It looked great with Nicki's complexion and her make up was flawless as usual. I've managed to find a great replica of that wig as well; and it too was affordably prices. This wig is less than twenty dollars. I think that price is  quite reasonable.

Nicki Minaj's (Fly)
Nicki Minaj's pink wig in the fly video was gorgeous. It created so much buzz, I finally found a replica for it as well. Nicki Minaj's Pink Bob Wig | Fly Nicki Minaj Pink Hairstyle wig | Cosplay wigs, was super sexy. This wig is perfectly seductive. Grab it now by clicking the  name link or the corresponding photo. This one is my favorite, I must admit.

Nicki Minaj's Superbass Wig

Nicki Minaj's Superbass Song struck platinum and so did Nicki's Superbass outfit wig included. Fans world wide were on the prowl for, Nicki Minaj's superbass catsuit,and Nicki Minaj's Superbass Wig.  Recently, I came across this one  it's Light Blonde and Pink Nicki Minaj Style 2 Colour Wig Ladies Wigs.    This one is quite affordable as well, it's only 39.99. Click on the Link or photo above to check it out. 
Nicki Minaj's Purple Hair/Wig

Nicki Minaj is captured above rocking purple hair and it is flawless. I, for one loved this creation. The purple was a perfect soft shade. It was flashy but too fly.  I have managed to  find this great  30" Anime Synthetic Hair Curly Cosplay Wig (Model: Jf010127) .   This one is too cute. Click on the linked words or the photo to check it out. Grab one now. 

Nicki Minaj's Red Hair/Wig

Nicki Minaj's Red hair is fabulous and makes for a great everyday look might I add. Though Nicki's not seen rocking the red hair too often, I think that it's one of Nicki Minaj's most appealing looks. I found this Vibrant Red Straight Nikki Minaj Style Wig | Long Red Straight Wig with Bangs.  This wig is too, one that is quite affordable. Grab it now for 43.99.

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