Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nicki Minaj Loves To Rock Yellow and Black

Nicki Minaj wearing Versace's Resort Dress
Nicki Minaj is no stranger  to fashion . It is evident that bright color patterns and explosive themes have become the era of Nicki Minaj's fashion sense. Recently, I've notice that Nicki Minaj is loving the black and yellow color theme; what a great theme it is- as yellow is the color of confidence and black is the color of superiority. Nicki Minaj is both of those characteristics and then some. Check out Nicki as she rocks out her yellow and black theme.The photo above shows Nicki Minaj in  yellow and black Versace's Resort Dress. As usual Nicki Looks flawless.
(via .@crownthequeens | Spotted! @nickiminaj rockin our Canary Knockers on her My Truth E Special! )
Nicki Minaj was spotted rocking Canary Knockers
Nicki minaj was spotted rocking these great yellow and black canary knockers. Nicki keeps it hood in these bamboo earrings and the baseball cap as she looks like an official round a way girl. 
Nicki Minaj is rocking yellow and black polka dot leggings
Everyone knows that Nicki Minaj is such a leggin fan. Check out these cute polka dot yellow and black leggins that she rocked so well in the Boys video as she is featured with Cassie. Not to mention the cute little yellow and black polka dot Rue 107 leggings that Nicki is wearing below.
Nicki Minaj rocks yellow and black polka dot Rue 107 leggins

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