Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nicki Minaj Outfits with Pink Hair

     Nicki Minaj outfits with Pink Hair seem to be in demand for costumes this season. Nicki Minaj loves to rock her pink hair. She has rocked every thing from the pink barb, to a pink bee hive. As you can see Nicki Minaj's pink hair plays a great part in her outfit. So I decided to post all Nicki Minaj's pink hair costumes and outfits.  Nicki Minaj's most remarkable outfits with pink hair. Nicki Minaj's above photo is actually a poster. Click the link to check it out now. Nicki Minaj 11x15 HD Photo Poster Pop Hip Hop Singer #04 HDQ

If you liked Nicki's pink hair, here are some great ideas wigs to choose from.

Nicki mInaj rocked a pink fade in London :photo credit Nicki Minaj Costume Ideas on Squidoo

Nicki Minaj rocked a pink fade, and hot purple out fit, during her last visit to london.  Nicki's vibrant colors created a great fashion explosion. As usual, Nicki was her same playful self.

nicki minaj at the vma's preshow
Nicki Minaj at VMA's Pre-Show photo credit: Nicki Minaj Costume Ideas

Nicki Minaj  looked like a Herion in this costume, I like to call it Super Nicki. This is my own personal favorite costume of Nicki with pink hair as a focus, of course.

Here are more Nicki Minaj outfits that featured her with pink hair; photo credit : Glamour

Only Nicki Minaj can rock a leather suit with pink hair; however I think this makes for a great costume.

Nicki Minaj album covers always make cute costumes

New Heights
Nicki's Minaj rocks this outrageous Pink and Purple Bee-Hive 

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