Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj's Head To Toe Leopard Look Makes Great Costume

Nicki Minaj wore this leopard print Givenchy dress to the 2011 Grammy Award Show. As usual Nicki turned heads as she was seen rocking Leopard Prints from head to toe literally. Nicki Minaj's hair was even leopard print. Nicki Minaj's leopard print head to toe look makes a great costume.  The look itself is not hard to recreate,  as Halloweencostumes.com have mimicked this particular costume already.  

This costume was fun and flirty because she combined Nicki Minaj's head to toe leopard costume, with a two toned pink and white wig. This look is quite affordable, as the costume itself  can be bought right now @Halloweencostumes.com. You can grab the  Superbass Pink and Blonde Wig | Thick Fringe | Long Straight Style, right here now. 

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  1. You know there is also a mimic of the wig, and it's great! here's the link : http://www.wendysoriginalwigs.co.uk/#/character-impersonator-wigs/4572027658